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Diaries of a nature photographer, around the world in 90 minutes

This presentation is all about my trips to a large number of European countries and further afield. A lot of my bird photography is done from hides. The presentation covers how i go about finding the hides, the countries that i have visited and of course images taken from those hides but also some landscapes and more opportunistic images taken away from the hides.. The presentation takes more or less 90 minutes. I have presented to a number of Camera clubs and if you are interested to hear more about the presentation or if you would be interested to invite me , please drop me a line. The cost for the presentation is £50 within 20 miles of Great London and £75 further afield,excluding any travel expenses.  Cost for Zoom presentation is £40. Interested? Drop me an email.

Blowing Hot and Cold, a photographic adventure Up North and Down South

This is my latest presentation and covers my nature photography travels in winter to Scandinavia and my spring and summer trips to Spain. Scandinavia in winter is a very special place and i take you on a journey that cover bird and landscape photography along the Finnish-Russian border around Kuusamo and to the Varangerfjord. Spain in spring, summer and autumn is a superb place to be for bird photography. I take you on a journey to some of the most special places in Spain where i photograph birds from hides and hydro hides.The cost for the presentation is £50 within 20 miles of Great London and £75 further afield,excluding any travel expenses.  Cost for Zoom presentation is £40. Interested? Drop me an email.


Scheduled presentations:

Ealing and Hampshire Photographic Society

Twickenham and Richmond Camera club

Highcliff Infinity Camera club

Worksopp Camera club

Wareham Camera club

Midlothian camera club

Cheltenham Photographic Society



Colchester Photographic Society

Our club was treated to a superb Natural History presentation by Rene. We have had similar talks in this particular genre over the years, nature being such a popular subject and appealing to many of our members. Rene’s talk was up there with the very best of them and was interesting and enjoyable to all, not just to those personally drawn to this particular photographic subject.
The effort and enthusiasm he puts into his photography was very evident and a joy to listen to, as was his genuineness and humility.
The images, predominately that of birds, spanning Europe, America and other parts of the world, were excellent. What was enjoyably different was that Rene included pictures of the hides with their general surrounding areas and the environment within which the various images were captured. Refreshingly, the talk also included some examples of when various things didn’t always go to plan or when expectations were not quite met and why. In addition, his talk included  stories about when, on more than one occasion, just when the trip seemed like a failure, it was saved at the very last moment by the capture of some amazing images; all being testimony to Rene’s dedication and patience.
A brilliant evening so, on behalf of Colchester Photographic Society, a big thank you.

Keyworth camera club

On April 18th Dutch photographer Rene de Heer visited KCC and gave his presentation Diaries of a Nature Photographer: a trip round the world in 1 ½ hours to a packed room. The size of the audience being one of our best this club year, which included a number of visitors. If you missed this night, then you missed one of the highlights of this season.

Rene wowed the audience with stunning images of a variety of wildlife, although the vast majority were of his first love; birds. Rene also included the background to getting these shots, explaining and showing pictures of the terrain, the luxurious hides he got to spend hours in (see attached images), and maps showing where in the world he was; countries such as Spain (his current favourite place for nature photography), Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Belarus and Sweden.

Rene’s patter explained the difficulties and frustrations in achieving his goals, he told of the problems of being cramped in underwater hides and being fried in metal roofed structures. The elation and excitement at capturing an image of a creature he’d travelled so far to photograph was infectious. All this told with many humorous observations and tales of comical incidents that had the appreciative audience laughing out loud many times.

Rene had set up his tripod with an upper crossbar that allowed two cameras fitted with different lenses to be supported at the same time, and this attracted much interest during the break.

As this was our last presentation for the year we can certainly say the season has finished on a high and for that we must publicly thank Rene.

“Wow- how inspirational and what an incredible photographer”. “Rene’s passion for nature defiantly paid off with some absolutely stunning images” “A thoroughly engaging, sometimes witty and informative talk”. “One of our best talks”
“Would like to see more of Rene’s work”

I think Rene that sums up some of the comments I have received from members overnight

I was at the talk you did last night at the photographic club and I just wanted to say thank you personally. I really enjoyed your talk and your beautiful shots. It made me realise that some of the frustration I get with my attempts at photography is basically down to no patience ! You showed me that if I want that shot I need to plan and work for it 😀. Thank you it was a great evening. Wishing you much success on your next trip.

Many thanks for for your fantastic presentation yesterday. Though it was the second one of yours I attended it was just as fascinating. I can only applaud the dedication and patience you have and this is reflected in some wonderful shots. It was great to have the contrast in both wildlife and weather between Finland and Spain. Hopefully you will be able to travel again soon as I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Thank you so much for your excellent presentation. Wonderful photography of course and a fascinating insight into how it all happens, as well as a delightful journey to the beautiful snowy landscape of Finland and then the warmth of sunny Spain. 

Having had our world confined to the boundaries of the M25 for too long, it was an absolute treat to watch your zoom presentation which whisked us away to two exotic worlds, one in arctic Finland, and the second in the south of Spain.    It is truly a natural wonder that birds who are robust enough to live in the arctic Finnish climate are so magically elegant and delicate.  I can see why you have a passion for catching them on camera, the photos are fantastic and must be testament to many hours of work and of course the most memorable adventures!   Thanks for helping us to ‘fly away’ for the evening, it is good for the soul! 

Midlothian camera clu

Thank you very much for a superb presentation last night. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and, judging by the chat that went on after you’d left, you’ve inspired folk who might previously not have thought themselves ’nature’ photographers.