Yes it's me!Rene has been a nature photographer for 28 years. His main interest is bird photography but given the chance he will also try his luck with mammals and landscapes.

His photography has taken him all over the world; the USA, Canada, India and Namibia, to name a few of the countries he has visited. Hungary and Scandinavia are among his most favorite places.

Rene was the founder of one of the first Dutch Nature Photography Societies, which is still going strong today.

In 1998 Rene moved from the Netherlands to the UK, where he has worked as a Sales Director for Thomson-Reuters. Rene is married to Frances and they have 2 children Toby and Eleanor.

Rene’s work has been widely published in magazines and calendars and he has participated in several successful exhibitions.

His equipment of choice is Sony with lenses ranging from 15 to 500 mm. If you are interested in purchasing prints or would like more information about my photography, please contact me as per the contact details on the website.

Forthcoming trip: November 2017, Valencia, more then just oranges.