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I recently received a new kind of cover for my Sony 400F2.8 and both 1.4 and 2.0 converters. We all know the neoprene covers made by Lenscoat, Outdoor photography gear and a few others. These neoprene covers work fine but absorb water, dont always fit greatly but of course will do the trick in protecting your expensive lenses.
This cover, from a Frence company called Tragopan, takes the design, material and fit a step further. I dont have any connection with Tragopan bar the fact that i think these covers are excellent and worthwhile having a look at in case you are in the market to buy one.
The material is a poly cotton polyester which gives the feeling of cotton. The material is laminated on an EVA foam . The reason why they use poly cotton is the fact that it looks dull and not shiny like like most polyester materials. And because there is no real cotton in the material , there is no risk of moisture. The material has received a water repellent treatment so that it doesn’t suck water up as is usual the case with neoprene covers. As we all know: a wet cover is not particularly good for electronics.
The cover is an excellent protection against humidity, especially snow, drizzle or for example when you put the lens on wet grass early morning. The EVA foam is thermoformed to match the shape of the lens and as the material is rather stiff it doesn’t move a lot when fitted to a lens, unlike neoprene.
The cover is fitted around the lens with Velcro. It’s really easy to apply and easy to take off the lens if and when you need to clean the lens. It is definitely not as fiddly to fit as Neoprene in my opinion. It just takes a few minutes to fit it on the lens. it also uses less parts then neoprene covers.
I also like the material that is used to cover the rear of the lens. The soft flexible rubber used makes it easy to get to the various switches!
All in all its a very good cover and worthwhile investigating. The cover is not cheap and will cost around EURO 140. A cover for the Sony 200-600 should become available in spring. Covers for other lenses are also available. I hope this is useful. Check out their website:
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