A winter in El Taray

As you all know by now: i love photographing birds and wildlife in Spain. Last year i spent a week at the El Taray estate in la Mancha. This month I will return for a winter photography trip. Of course spring and summer offer more opportunities to photograph bird at El Taray but what me decided to go to El Taray in the winter are the wintering Cranes, various raptors that winter near the estate 9outside chance of Golden eagle), Bearded and Penduline tits, different passerines, Goshawk and the massive evening murmurings of the Common starling. Who knows; i even might end up with some surprises like an early Stone curlew. El Taray has so much to offer! it is a very special place indeed.

El Taray is close by Villafranca de los Caballeros . The estate is surrounded by a beautiful, shallow laguna. A great place in spring and summer for aqua hides to photograph waterbirds like Flamingo, ducks and black eared grebes.  There are a  number of hides  erected and here i will spend a week photographing wintering birds. I will not be staying at the estate this time  but we will be staying in Villafranca and drive up and down the road to and from the estate. Despite the fact that it is winter, temperatures are pleasant (around 15 degrees), very little rain and plenty of sunshine are to be expected.

As i always do: I will keep a daily diary of my photo trip and i hope you will  visit the diary from time to time to check out the daily activities

Crane and Starling magic


A wintering Hen harrier at El Taray


Bearded tit               

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