The king of the Sierra Nevada

As you all know by now, Spain has become my favourite hunting ground for images of the natural world. The country is so diverse; mountains, sea, flat lands, wetlands and deserts! In December I will be going to photograph the rutting of the Ibex in the Sierra Nevada. The Sierra Nevada is a mountain range south-west of Granada and a stronghold for the Iberian Ibex. The Ibex is a mountainous animal. Their built allows them to run, jump and reach steep slopes without too much effort. Main advantage is also, that it is difficult for predators to get to them! The males are larger than the females and have larger horns. 

The king of the Sierra Nevada: Iberian Ibex

The rutting takes place in November and December and I am hoping to get nice images of fighting males and nice scenic images of Ibex in the snow covered mountains. I will not be on my own and count myself lucky to spend the week with natural world photographer Ugo Mellone. Ugo is an award wining photographer (WPOTY, National Geographic) and an expert on the Iberian Ibex. After 3-4 days in the Sierra Nevada we will move to Andujar, in the district of Jaen in Andalusia, to try to photograph one of the most elusive animals in Europe: the Iberian lynx!

Sierra Nevada in December

The Iberian lynx is an endangered species and has declined by over 80% in the last 20 years. Habitat loss and human persecution are the main reasons for the decline. The Iberian lynx is now fully protected and is making a slow comeback. Currently there are around 500 animals in Spain and Andujar is one of the strongholds. Finding and photographing this beautiful predator is not easy but with the help of Ugo, I hope we can manage to get some nice images! The main prey of Lynx is rabbit. Besides the lynx, i hope to photograph Otter, deer, landscapes and night sky (weather permitting). Weather in December should be cold and snow is to be expected. I will be flying to and from Granada.

The Iberian Lynx

As always:if internet is available ,in the hotels where I am staying, I will update my diary on a daily basis. I hope you will all stop by from time to time to have a read and see how my trip is unfolding.  

The trip

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